Find A Christmas Fruit Cake You Enjoy

There are many different opinions about what kind of fruitcake people like for Christmas cakes. Some people even make dark fruitcakes, even if they’re not very fond of it personally. While I love dark fruitcakes, I’m more inclined towards lighter fruitcakes at home. You may want to switch this year and make a different fruitcake for Christmas.

Christmas is one of the coziest times of the year and you don’t want to miss it without a mouth-watering Christmas fruit cake recipe. Fruitcake Christmas recipe is one of the best kept secrets of all the mothers and grandmothers who just don’t want to tell you. These pies have been around for ages and today you may find a variety of them in different homes.

Getting my mom’s recipe is a work of art. You have to sit next to her as she adds the ingredients to the mix because it’s a little bit of that, a handful of that, a cup of this and so on. Although she has some written recipes, she rarely sticks to them, but oh my god, can she cook?

Making a Christmas cake is a matter of preparation. Make sure you have all the right ingredients and prepare them in advance. You’ll find that with lots of fruit pies, the fruit is usually soaked overnight in liqueur or something similar. If this is the case, you need to make sure everything is ready the day before you want to bake the cake. It’s one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever come across, and all you need is a little organization before you start. Whether it’s dried fruit, candied fruit, peels, nuts, spirits or brandy, these pies make wonderfully moist, dense and rich pies.

There are two basic types of Christmas fruit cake recipes:

Light Fruit Cake: The term light simply refers to the appearance as all the ingredients put into it give the cake an airy appearance after cooking. Toppings such as granulated sugar, almonds, light corn syrup, pineapple, golden raisins and apricots decorate the cake in a colorful and tasty way.

Dark Fruit Cake: You guessed it. It’s the darker ingredients like brown sugar, molasses, black raisins, dates, prunes, and walnuts that make the cake look dark when cooked. All these ingredients make the cake look very thick, moist and dense. Some people like this luscious treat, while others prefer a lighter version.

Conditional cakes are best made two months in advance so that they are ripe and delicious by Christmas. After Christmas it can be wrapped and put in the fridge, provided it is taken out monthly and sprinkled with wine.

Decorate your Christmas cake and enjoy sharing it with family and friends.

Store Fruit Cake

Homemade fruitcake will keep for years, although the kind you buy usually doesn’t keep that long because it still has a shelf life and contains additives and preservatives. However, you can extend the shelf life of store-bought fruitcake by freezing it after wrapping it very tightly in foil.

The best kind of fruitcake is the one you make yourself, with spirits, brandy, dark rum, whiskey, wine, and port, all good options. If you’re making a fruitcake, it takes at least a month for it to ripen or soften, so you shouldn’t freeze one before letting it soften for a few months.

If you’re making fruitcake, make it three or four months before you want to eat it to give it time to develop its full flavor potential. If you only want to keep it for a few months, store it in an airtight container, such as an old cookie jar, and do it monthly or every six weeks. Add more wine to the cake, poke a few holes in the cake and pour the wine over the cake and let it sit. The liquid will slowly seep into the cake and when you’re ready to serve it’s delicious.

If you are storing the top or bottom tier of your wedding cake, be sure to leave any stakes or plugs in as the cake should not be exposed to the air. You can wrap it in a few layers of wax paper, then wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and store it in a jar in a cool place. You can also get cardboard cake boxes, and after packing your cake, you can store it in one of these with great success.

In your grandparents’ day they had a pantry, the perfect place to keep fruitcake, and my parents kept their wedding cake in a cardboard box on top of the cupboard. It was used as a cake to celebrate my brother’s birth, seven years after they got married. It had icing and marzipan on it, but it was still good, as I remembered it.

Another way to keep your fruitcake for years to come is to wrap it in a cheesecloth or tea towel that has been soaked in the same alcohol the cake was used for, then wrap it tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and wipe the cloth every few hours. to dip in alcohol. months Repack.

You can also store non-alcoholic fruitcake by wrapping it in wax paper and storing it in tins or cardboard cake boxes for years. However, this will not last as long as those containing alcohol, as the alcohol aids in the preservation process.

The best kind of fruitcake is the one you make yourself.


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