Fluffy Carrot Cake: Recipe and Step by Step Tips


Find out how to make a delicious fluffy carrot cake, either with or without chocolate sauce. This recipe is perfect for a snack and can be adapted to make a small or large cake. Chocolate frosting is the classic combination for carrot cake, but there are also options for special occasions like birthdays. Learn all the details of this easy recipe and learn how to make a hard frosting. Check out the step by step below!

Fluffy Carrot Cake Recipe:
Approximately 250 grams of carrots
3 to 4 eggs
1/2 cup sunflower vegetable oil
2 1/2 cups wheat flour
1 1/2 to 2 cups sugar
1 generous tablespoon of baking powder
Cake Preparation Method:
In a blender, grind the carrots together with the eggs and oil.
Reserve this mixture and, in a separate bowl, add the flour, sugar and yeast.
Manually mix the flour, sugar and baking powder into the carrot mixture without using a blender. This step is essential to obtain a fluffy cake.
Unite a shape and pour the cake dough.
Take to preheated oven at 180 degrees for approximately 45 minutes.
Preparing the Chocolate Icing:
1 can or box of condensed milk
1 tablespoon butter (not margarine)
1 cup of chocolate powder
1 bag of chocolate chips to decorate
How to Prepare the Coverage:
Over low heat, melt the butter in a pan and add the condensed milk, powdered chocolate and stir well.
Keep the heat low until everything is well melted.
When the cake is ready, pour the syrup over it and spread the chocolate pieces to give it a special touch.
Wait to cool for about half an hour and take it to the fridge.

We hope you enjoy this delicious recipe and enjoy a fluffy and tasty carrot cake. Keep in mind that the frosting is optional, but it adds a special touch to the cake. Have fun in the kitchen and enjoy this amazing dessert!

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